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Advertorial-green pea

The pea - a natural energizer

What could have in common a king of France and a president to United States of America?

Well, beside numerous diplomatic, administrative and political tasks, both Thomas Jefferson  and Ludovic  the XIth had a weakness for … pea.

Moreover, tradition says that the French king gave a command that pea to be cultivated even in the vers gardens.

Beside the fact it is an extremely tasty food, pea contains numerous vitamins and it has an energizer effect. This is why this is the ideal food for fighting against anemia, the fatigue and for hardening the immunity. Scientists recommend pea for students or to those who have to sustain an exam.

In addition if you decided to adopt a diet of detoxification, pea is very helpful because of the fibers it contains.

The higher rank of proteins, glucides, mineral salts, potassium, phosphorus and zinc make pea the ideal choice for a healthy meal.

For enjoying the taste of green pea and of its advantages it brings to our health by consuming it, tinned pea is a great opportunity to consume it all over the year.

Sun Food green pea is a 100% natural product, without any preservatives. The pea was carefully selected and tinned using a traditional recipe, so that all who consumed it are guaranteed to cook tasty, healthy and qualitative products.

By choosing Sun Food you are safe for cooking a healthy food, because Sun Food represents our care for your health.

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