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New sku appearance

Sun Food puts on the market 2 new sku!

Sun Food, the fruit, vegetables and tined fish brand, widens its products range with 2 new kinds: green pea and peeled and chopped tomatoes.

Sun Food green pea and chopped tomatoes are 100% natural and they have been preserved using just natural preservatives and no additives. The peas are packed in tins of 820g with easy open system. Cookers who want to cook healthy and tasty food can use Sun Food tomatoes, packed in tins, using the same easy open system.

"We plead for eating healthy food, without any additives, and we want to give to our customers the possibility to cook healthy, tasty and quality products. Our new tins contain delicate pea and preserved tomatoes by using just natural preservatives. In addition, these are rich in vitamins and magnesium,  so useful for our daily meals", declared Sun Food Brand Manager!

New products release marks the last step of the rebranding process on which Sun Food passed through the last semester.

Sun Food green peas and chopped tomatoes are the first products which you will find on the shelves, with a new packing, following that, in a short time, the labels of the other kinds to be changed.

"The new pack follows the brand’s line, reflecting the quality and the importance of the brand and creates a tradition by offering complete information about the products. Sun Food holds in this moment 13 assortments of tins, from fruit and vegetables to tuna and sardines", added Sun Food Brand Manager.

The new image underlines the values which stand at the base of the Sun Food brand: quality, diversity, health, optimism and a modern approach, designed to bring flavor to fruit and vegetables in the costumers’ kitchen.


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