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Pineapple slices

in light syrup-100% natural

Nutritional information: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates
Ingredients: sliced pineapple, water, sugar
Sterilized product

* DZR = Guideline daily amount
A tin contains:
170 g of product, the tin contains two servings.
Grammage: 565g

Fruit salad is a delicious and tasty desert. Beside a higher content of vitamins c and b6, the pineapple is an important source of magnesium, mineral which helps preventing osteoporosis. In addition, it also contains bromelaina, a natural enzyme with anti-inflammatory effect so it is indicated to treat articular pains but also cough and colds.

Even if pineapple is not cultivated in our country, we assured that you can benefit of all its vitamins by consuming this compote. Pineapple tins are available in 565g.