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Sliced pineapple

pineapple in light syrup-100% natural

Nutritional information: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates
Ingredients: sliced pineapple, water, sugar
Sterilized product

* DZR = Guideline daily amount
A tin contains: 170 g of product, the tin contains two servings.
Grammage: 565g

Chefs use it in the most sophisticated cakes but beginners also add it in their fruit salad.

Beside its taste and sweetness, the pineapple has a lot of benefits for your health. Beside its higher content of vitamin c and b6 ,the pineapple is also an important source of magnesium, a mineral which helps preventing osteoporosis.

We picked up the sweetest pineapple, sliced and packed it in 567g tins for you to benefit of its flavor, no matter of the desert you want to offer to your beloved ones.