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Tropical fruit cocktail

Nutritional information:
proteins, lipids, carbohydrates

Ingredients: red papaya ( 40 %), pineapple (20 %), guava (20%), yellow papaya (20%), water, sugar

Sterilized product

The pineapple has lots of benefits for your health. Beside the higher content of vitamins C and B6, the pineapple is an important source of magnesium, mineral which helps preventing osteoporosis.

Papaya or “the fruit of a good health”, as it is called by Mexican people, is an excellent dietetic product for those who pay attention to their weight, being attentive in the same time for their digestive system and hardening their imunitar system.

The guava fruit has as a main advantage the fact that it gives a satiability sensation, being in the same time rich in vitamins A and C, containing a higher quantity of calcium, which usually is found in a lower proportion in the other fruit.

Fruit cocktail, a 100% natural and healthy product, can always be an alternative for a tasty and healthy meal.