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Peeled chopped tomatoes

in tomato juice - 100% natural

Nutritional information:/100g: 12 kcal, 1.1 g proteins, 0 g lipids, 3.2 g carbohydrates.
Peeled tomatoes, tomato juice, salt

Weight: 400g

The Italians have “pasta al pomodoro” and  “caprese salad”, the French prefer ”Nicoise salad” but we don’t ever refuse some meatballs in tomato sauce. All the above riches have a common ingredient, tomatoes.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C and in the end, lycopene, which is said to prevent cancer, tomatoes should not be missing from your daily alimentation.

For easing your work in the kitchen, we picked up the sweetest tomatoes from Italy’s hills, peeled and chopped them into pieces, ready to be prepared and added in your food.