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Bolognese sauce


  • 4 green celery;

  • 5 big onions;
  • 4 leaves of salvia;
  • Parsley, tarragon, bay, dill;
  • 2 grains of rosemary;
  • 500g red meat;
  • 5 spoons of olive oil;
  • 400g Sun Food chopped tomatoes;
  • 350 ml beef soup;
  • garlic;
  • 200 ml white wine;
  • Salt and pepper.


Chop the meat and fry it into the same olive oil. Add the celery, onion and the garlic, all chopped. Add the sf tomatoes over the red meat. Let them cook for 15 min. add the beef soup, the wine and the rest of the flavors and let them boil for 2 hours.

This sauce best fits with pasta or boiled or baked vegetables.

Enjoy your meal!